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Toadstool – Anomalii

Toadstool . Anormalii . Remix Sessions . Art By Thiago A. Cardoso

Lucas Nassar, a music producer native from Curitiba / Brazil, has been studying production since 2011.
In the middle of 2014 he created his Dark Experimental project (Toadstool) always trying to escape of the standards and limitations of each strand.
Throughout that time he met and made many friends producers around the world.
After 4 years of project (2018) it brings together all its knowledge and study in sound synthesis and sound design, elaborating the track Anormalii, joined all this study in material so that other producers can remix the track Anormalii with their respective identities, independent of strands or bpms.

I dedicate this compilation first to my great and beloved father Wadih Nagib Nassar, because without this warrior in my life none of this would be possible.
I dedicate to all my family and to all my dear friends who have always been with me on this journey.
I also dedicate to the Goa Gil that I have great admiration.
Thank you all my friends who participated in this remix all of you are important and have a place in my heart,
Thank you Thiago Cardoso for the artistic work,
Thanks Anomalistic Records for this release.

I love you all!

Released by Anomalistic Records
Artwork by Thiago Cardoso
Bonus Artwork By Dolan MinDelve and Granular Material.
Mastered by Toadstool