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Rose Red Flechette – The Aquarian Syndrome


In the project’s second full-length release, Rose Red Flechette assaults the ears with an ever-accelerating barrage of broken, polyrhythmic dark psytrance rhythms, growling basslines, clanging industrial percussion, scathingly distorted beats, haunting ambiances and brain-breaking synthwork. The Aquarian Syndrome is a concept-driven work, a cyberpunk take on the oft-touted as glorious and peace-bringing age of Aquarius, and journeys deep into the dark technological heart of humanity, from genetic and mechanical human augmentation to animal experimentation to nuclear cataclysm, and everything in between. While the turning of the age promises the washing away of corrupt organized religions, the advent of scientific enlightenment, and humanistic awareness of humanity’s needs at large as opposed to selfish desires, the nature of humanity to destroy and usurp may very well prevail as we head into an age of dehumanization, mechanical augmentation, corporate rule, tyrannical enforcement of anarchy and cold rejection of emotion and the spirit in favor of advancement and progress at any and all costs, some of the more negative and less known traits of the sign. The further we distance ourselves from nature and our tribal past, the more violently our machinations will cast us out of our concrete-paved, steel-coated, computer-driven, jail-broken garden of eden.

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01 – Rose Red Flechette – Burn It
02 – Rose Red Flechette – Excruciate
03 – Rose Red Flechette – Saturnine Arrhythmia
04 – Rose Red Flechette – Fault Tolerance
05 – Rose Red Flechette – If They Can Ping Your Brain
06 – Rose Red Flechette – Machina Ex
07 – Rose Red Flechette – Chimaeric Choleric
08 – Rose Red Flechette – Nuclear Solstice
09 – Rose Red Flechette – Wax Wings

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