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In order to provide the best services possible to you, we need to receive premastered versions of your music that are suitable for the mastering process. This may not be what sounds best to you listening in your studio, and it can be confusing at first. Here you will find a tutorial outlining the proper form in which your music should arrive, and some tips and guidelines for making a good mixdown.

Track Format:

We prefer the tracks to be formatted as 24 or 32 bit, 44100 hz or 88200WAV files. Sample resolutions lower than this will not be accepted. Please note that 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates are video standards. It is not recommended to be used for audio
productions going to be released on cd.

Also please label your track correctly with Artist Name – Track Name.

Compressor / Limiter / Normalization:

In order to properly master your track, we must have a proper mixdown. This means that the mix must stay under -3db and have no compression on the master channel. While you can use compressors and limiters within your track, it is very important that there is no compressor or limiter on the master channel. If the mixdown is limited or compressed we will ask you for a new version of the track. Below is an example of how your track should look in a wav editor such as Sound Forge or Audacity.



Please look at your track in one of these editors before sending it to us, to make sure your track looks like the track on the right, rather than the one on the left. if your track looks like the one on the left we will not be able to master it without squashing the dynamics. Also please do not normalize the track; if the levels are too low, export it again at a higher volume (-6db to -3db is ideal).