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Audiosyntax – Noiseborn

AudioSyntax – Noiseborn

This series of tracks is an experiment
that is built on the examination
of clocked digital and analog noise.
The attempt was to extract order from chaos
and challenge the potential of disharmonic
and unstructured material in generating complex patterning.
At the same time the experiment repeats in the listener
when the brain tries to understand noises
in the context of a composition.
The human mind is a machine designed to find order
in a chaotic situation in order to produce understanding
and build a context for a „musical“ experience.
Noise usually disappoints that expectation,
but if a random structure is repeated
it is recognized again and thus becomes ordered in time.
In this way it starts to fulfill basic concepts
of what is thought to be musical.

  1. First Noise – 90 bpm – A
  2. Second Noise – 172 bpm – A
  3. Digital Noise – 180 bpm – G#
  4. Noisewash – 190 bpm – F
  5. Sharred Noise – 100-327 bpm – G

Synthesis and Arrangement – David Slojewski
Visual Concept – David Slojewski
Mastering by Neuromotor
Cover Design by 25m42
Released by Anomalistic Records 2020