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!luuli – Therapy

hi. i made a new album… kinda trying to dissolve the barriers of genrefication with my music .. we have enough invisible divisions between us already race, gender, sex, personality disorders, economonic class, religion, belief structures the list goes on and on til you are so acutely classified that you can be summed up by a genre of human…or at least a hybridization of genres.. so on top of all that we have to use music “style” or preference as a reason to divide as well… so i try to promote creative diversity with this album rather than a style. i try to bridge gaps between separations and give people the opportunity to like things they otherwise would be closed off to. ya ya its just music but the idealogy behind defying genre is a concept that can easily be applied to much more important things in life and can be taught by music. hope you find something in this album that youve never experienced before.

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