CinderVOMIT – The Wizards Cauldron (4gb USB w/bonus content)


4GB USB Flash Drive
includes CinderVOMIT’s latest album + extras!!

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1. Surrender to Self    159 bpm     7:03
2. Let Me Out*    195bpm     7:07
3. The Sacred Brew     191bpm      9:23
4. Drawing Shapes On Hands***    183bpm    12:53
5. Seek Help For Vomit**    225bpm    8:48
6. Sonic Purge    191bpm    7:44
7. Mist and Shadows     195bpm     7:18
8. A Real Adventure     194bpm     9:50
9. Hey Maaaan, Are You like, Ok?     183bpm     10:48

Mastering by Tony Koide
Artwork by Victor Enteogeno
Published by Jonny Cakes of Anomalistic Records

* Written by CinderVOMIT and Whrikk
** Written by the Mastermindz
*** Original by : Spiritual Tazer

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Product Description

Stirring the cauldron, comes the one and only CinderVOMIT, with a nice fresh batch of psychedelic soup for the world to taste. This Experience is much more experimental and atmospheric by design and conceptually really brings the wizard to life. This is no longer music. This is a storm of sonic sorcery.