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Axis Mundi – One Foot In Fantasy

This is the debut album of American musical project Axis Mundi. Having been increasingly immersed into the psychedelic trance environment for over ten years, it has been the culmination of a long-term goal for this work to be released. It represents a story of the personal life journey and the events of which have greatly contributed to where he is today, and where he is moving towards. With a basis in the music which Axis loves most, psychedelic trance, the sounds quickly branch off into other representations and influences, combining suomi and high-psychedelic trance formulas with IDM, Glitch, Breakbeat, and Gabber structures, as well as musical theory hailing from Eastern European gypsies, to the Middle and Far East. The album title reflects Axis Mundi’s personal world outlook and the mood he attempts to achieve in his music, which is one of being caught between the cold, raw mysteries of the scientific and the mathematical, and the lush, colorful, ephemeral worlds of imagination and possibility, where the seeds of dreams are formed.

1. Does Not Play Well With Others
2. Turn Your Mind Off
3. The Grudge of Dwarfking Goldemar
4. Twigs of the World Tree
5. Translated Location Configuration
6. One Foot in Fantasy
7. Psychonaut’s Gambit
8. Hermes Was Right
9. For Dakota

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