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Amanojaku / ZY

ZY page

The name behind these two projects is David Ricardo Moreno Cruz.

First of all I think we live in a dual world… A place everyone is looking for happiness and perfection, but that’s not possible because we depend on negative and positive things to survive. Amanojaku is a project in which the main intention is to make people do all the things they want to do, but don’t for the sake of shame. Thinking it is unethical, or they just think it’s bad. It’s a project that tries to make people sin.

ZY is totally opposite, and means eternal night and uses a dark name because everything is relative. ZY tries to be more of a deep trip and more sensitive. Finding the duality in a good way in life, but we are always going to fight with bad things. This is when Amanojaku appears. But both try to break stereotypes, both do not like the common way of life, or the typical view of a common life.

I make music to make introspection and find the best way to live life.

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